Monday, October 31, 2011

Ashley Hatch

Hey! My name is Ashley. I am a junior nursing student with a minor in military science, at the University of Maine. I am very excited for this trip to Belize for the cultural experience and to provide care to underprivileged communities. I have always wanted to be a nurse. During my senior year of high school, I chose to join Army ROTC because of the benefits it would have to my nursing career. The Army is going to give me a chance to travel all over the country and possibly, the world. The way I see it: ISL Belize is a wonderful opportunity for me to start my travels!

Thank you to all those who are supporting us, in every way!

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  1. Thank - You Ashley for being willing to serve our country. We appreciate your commitment to protect all the Freedoms we are privileged to have. As Iran gets closer everyday to having nuclear power we must always remember history and never forget there are other Adolf Hilters still in the world.