Monday, October 31, 2011

Ashley Hatch

Hey! My name is Ashley. I am a junior nursing student with a minor in military science, at the University of Maine. I am very excited for this trip to Belize for the cultural experience and to provide care to underprivileged communities. I have always wanted to be a nurse. During my senior year of high school, I chose to join Army ROTC because of the benefits it would have to my nursing career. The Army is going to give me a chance to travel all over the country and possibly, the world. The way I see it: ISL Belize is a wonderful opportunity for me to start my travels!

Thank you to all those who are supporting us, in every way!

Amy L. Brooker

Hello! I'm a senior nursing student at the University of Maine, with a minor in psychology. Traveling abroad and particularly practicing nursing abroad has always been a life dream of mine. I am so thrilled and grateful to finally have the opportunity to pursue this dream, and make a difference in the lives of others internationally.  This is truly going to be an invaluable life experience, and I couldn't be more excited to welcome the knowledge I will gain from the cultures, healthcare system, and diversity of the people of Belize.

Abby Martin

Hi! I am a junior at the UMaine School of Nursing. I am extremely grateful and excited to have the opportunity to travel internationally, while experiencing first-hand the culture, lifestyle, and healthcare system of Belize.  I am eager to help those who have limited access to healthcare and experience their culture.  I am especially excited to work with the children in need of care.  I'm sure this trip will be eye-opening and humbling for me.  I hope this experience will allow me to provide culturally sensitive, compassionate care to my patients when I become an RN.    


Sunday, October 30, 2011

Ali Doe

Endless gratitude to all those supporting us in our ISL medical trip to Belize...

I am a senior student at the University of Maine studying nursing and Spanish, and couldn't be more excited for this trip! Traveling to Belize will be a wonderful opportunity for a mutual learning experience between both us, the travelers, and the communities we will be serving. 

Each person in our Belize team comes from a different background and brings a unique perspective to the group. My personal interest in this project stems from a passion for public health and justice in healthcare. In the past I have learned a great deal from other opportunities abroad, having volunteered independently at an Ecuadorian pediatric hospital, studied in Chile, and worked closely with the Chilean Red Cross to prevent the spread of communicable diseases. These were eye-opening experiences on many levels, and solidified my decision to study nursing.

I look forward the impact this will have on all of us as we begin our careers in the healthcare field. There is much to be learned from traveling through a different culture, and I anticipate this ISL trip to be a terrific experience for us to develop as culturally-competent nurses.

Thank you again for your support!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Taryn McDougold

Hello! My name is Taryn and I am finishing up my last year in the nursing program at UMaine. I couldn't be any more excited to participate in this great opportunity to help people receive the care they need and truly deserve in Belize. For a long time I have had a strong desire to travel the world and provide care to underserved populations. I believe this trip will be a great stepping stone to achieving this goal. In addition, this trip will allow for tremendous personal growth and acquisition of new knowledge. I'm looking forward to making a difference and sharing my experience with you!

Jennifer Sudak

Hey! My name is Jen and I graduated from the nursing progam at the University of Maine in Spring 2011. I am currently working as an RN on the Medical Surgical Unit at Mayo Regional Hospital! I am very excited about travelling to Belize and volunteering at health clinics for underserved individuals. It will be a wonderful eye-opening experience and will be rewarding to make a difference in the lives of others at an international level. This will be the first year for UMaine nursing students/grads to go on this trip and will be a great gift to allow this trip to continue so future nursing students can experience global health.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Monica Amabile

Hi everybody! My name is Monica and I am a second semester sophomore at UMaine. I am so excited about this trip because its a great opportunity for personal growth and to help those who are in need. I'm looking forward to experiencing another country for reasons other than a vacation. This trip is going to have a great impact on my life as well my career as a nurse, and I just can't wait for this adventure to begin!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Hello, I am Marissa

Hello everyone!  I am a senior in the Nursing Program at the University of Maine.  I am excited to be participating in the medical mission to Belize because it will be a chance to foster educational and professional growth.  This trip will additionally stimulate an increased understanding of issues commonly encountered in community healthcare, all the while improving families’ lives in Belize.  This is truly going to be the most rewarding thing I have done in my life up until now!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

My names Aaron Cyr!

Hello! my name is Aaron cyr and i am currently a junior 1st semester in the nursing program. I am extremely excited to be able to have this opportunity offered to me. This will be my first chance to be able to travel on a medical mission. I have traveled all around the united states but have never been able to fully experience another country. I look forward to this experience and all of the knowledge that i will gain from it.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Cassie Carver

 My name is Cassie and I am a senior nursing student at the University of Maine. I can't believe this incredible opportunity has arrived just prior to graduation! Caring for and being apart of the health care system in underserved countries has always been a passion of mine and this will be my first time doing just that. I did do a study abroad in Australia a few years ago and loved the experience of learning about other cultures and meeting amazing people along the way. This will be my first medical mission and one that I am sure will challenge and reward me in ways I am not even aware of. I am truly excited to learn from the people of Belize and absorb just as much as I can from them and hopefully help them medically along the way. Also, I feel so fortunate to be apart of such a compassionate, bright, and energetic group to embark on this journey with! Feel free to contact us anytime with questions and I hope you follow along with us!

Stephanie Martin

Hello! I'm am Stephanie Martin a 2nd semester Junior here at the University of Maine. I am super excited that this trip has become a reality! Global health is one of my main interests in nursing. I have been to Mexico on a missions trip, Guatemala to visit my uncle who is a missionary, and to Honduras this past May on an orthopedic surgery trip. These experiences have planted in me a love for travel and providing health care to countries in need. I am excited for those going on the trip who have never experienced medical service trip. This is a great way to serve those in need and broaden cultural awareness. Thank you for interest and support!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Welcome! Who we are.

   This year instead of the traditional spring break, nursing students from the University of Maine will be participating in a trip through the International Service Learning (ISL) organization. ISL is an international non-government program who offers medical volunteer programs internationally in Central and South America, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Africa. The nursing students will be involved in community health surveys and providing health care support in underpriviledged villages and in Belize City.
   We are a group of 14 people associated with the University of Maine Orono. Most of us are currently nursing students in varying years of education, one is already out there practicing and graduated, and our dedicated faculty member, Susan Wheaton, who will be embarking on this journey with us. As we work alongside and under the direction of the local government health ministry, we will not only be involved in an incredible educational opportunity, but a journey that will certainly be challenging, humbling, meaningful, and one that I am sure will forever change our global nursing perspective. This will indeed be a professional and individual growth experience which will concurrently inprove the lives of families in need while also developing our cultural awareness.
   This is our first year organizing a trip of this nature and we hope this grows into a learning experience that will be offerered for years to come giving future nursing students an experience of a humanitarian and global health approach of nursing.
   We will all be posting with our personal stories, experiences, and thoughts both before and after our trip in late February 2011. We delightedly invite you to follow along with us through our journey!!