Sunday, October 30, 2011

Ali Doe

Endless gratitude to all those supporting us in our ISL medical trip to Belize...

I am a senior student at the University of Maine studying nursing and Spanish, and couldn't be more excited for this trip! Traveling to Belize will be a wonderful opportunity for a mutual learning experience between both us, the travelers, and the communities we will be serving. 

Each person in our Belize team comes from a different background and brings a unique perspective to the group. My personal interest in this project stems from a passion for public health and justice in healthcare. In the past I have learned a great deal from other opportunities abroad, having volunteered independently at an Ecuadorian pediatric hospital, studied in Chile, and worked closely with the Chilean Red Cross to prevent the spread of communicable diseases. These were eye-opening experiences on many levels, and solidified my decision to study nursing.

I look forward the impact this will have on all of us as we begin our careers in the healthcare field. There is much to be learned from traveling through a different culture, and I anticipate this ISL trip to be a terrific experience for us to develop as culturally-competent nurses.

Thank you again for your support!

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