Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Fundraising up a storm!

Here in an Orono, ME it isn't just the cold weather stirring up a breeze, its also a group of eager nursing students stirring up a storm of fundraising! Here are some fundraisers that are in the works! =)

Got Botttles? We want them ALL!

Can't get enough of that Pampered Chef? We can help! Bakeware, cookware, and cultlery... OH MY!

Need a romantic night away? We have just what you need! A lovely evening of steak, peanuts, and mouth watering rolls. Where? THE TEXAS ROAD HOUSE of course.

New team, new memories, all un-Belize-able excitement!

Our new 2014 team has been established. Stay tuned for a group picture to meet our new team. We are hard at work fundraising, training, planning, and team building!