Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Day Three: Community Visits and the Mayan Ruins

We began our work today with visiting homes in the Georgeville community to assess the need for medical attention. We interviewed families and gave appointment cards to those who wish to come to the clinic. We met many different characters and animals and saw a variety of living situations and learned much about some of the family dynamics that shape the families of the community.

Today was a beautiful 86 degree day and the first day we really had to be careful of sunburning. We fared well with only some red patches from missed spots during application....tomorrow we'll be a little more diligent in evenly applying our SPF! After lunch we drove to the Xunantunich Mayan Ruins Archaeological site where our guide, Juan, taught us about some Mayan history as it pertains to Belize. He also gave each of us a little insight to our futures by doing some palm readings.

This evening Dr. Cuellar came to the hotel to talk to us about Dengue fever and how to assess it, we also prepared for tomorrow by labeling and packaging vitamins and toy bags for the children at the clinic. Tomorrow we will leave the hotel around 8:30 to go to back to Georgeville to work the clinic all day.

Hasta maƱana!

This kind woman let us into her home to see her fire hearth in her back yard.

A group of siblings and cousins in one home. These little cuties LOVED having their photo taken!

Juan said we were one of the nicest groups he's ever had! Here we are standing with the El Caballo

Juan taught us about the symbolism used in the architecture that indicated the status of the times in Mayan civilization.

Aaron pretending to not be scared of heights....

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  1. Awesome - Aaron of course is the clown... Pam you have great Hair !! lol.. and Nilda you look like great - keeping up with those college kids can be a challenge :) I am jealous because Nilda has the advantage of speaking Spanish - I was pretty lost at times. Sending my very best wishes - it would be a lot more fun being with you all than in the middle of kitchen renovation nightmare.. take care