Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Day Four: Community Clinic in Georgeville

We set up our first clinic this morning in the Georgeville community. Once at the community center, we unpacked our supplies and organized the pharmacy area. We then walked to the pre-school where we gave the children their own toothbrushes, tooth paste, and other toys. We each partnered up with one of the kids and taught them a little lesson on tooth brushing. Many of them were excited about it and did a great job. A few others were very shy, but played along after some coaxing.  We started to take in patients at 9 am. The community center was buzzing with people after just a short time. We were set up into five groups of two to take patients and assess their chief complaints. After the assessment process we presented the patient situation to one of the doctors who would then address the probable diagnosis. If necessary, the patients were prescribed medications from our pharmacy.

The most common health issue we came across was hypertension, followed by diabetes. We saw a few cases of colds, mostly in children, a family with scabies, and a woman who likely may have tuberculosis. Today was a full day of working and learning. We are going back to the same community tomorrow to finish our work there.

This evening we went to dinner and then did some shopping in town in San Ignacio. After a long day many of us are looking forward to sleep, and equally looking forward to going back to Georgeville tomorrow!
Going in to the pre-school in the morning.
This little guy got a little restless after being so good sitting and waiting for us to finish with his mom. He loved playing with all our tools... and he especially loved stickers.

Setting up the pharmacy.

This little guy wasn't actually a part of the pre-school class, but he was so eager to participate!
Toward the end of the day many of the children came to visit and play after school.
Dinner tonight consisted of a lot of fried food, but it was SO delicious. Fresh salsa and chips, garnachas, salbutes, empanadas with a fish filling, and fried plantains. We also drank tamarind or pineapple juice. The juices they serve here are all made with fresh fruit and unlike most juice we've ever had.


  1. Yum there food is amazing !! Seems strange to not be helping with the pharmacy set up :) Post pictures of your grand leaders - please and thanks..

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