Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Hello from Belize... first to MOM and DADs and LOVE ones - ALL IS WELL... everyone is doing fantastic - heat is bothering a few but stopping, resting and drinking lots.  It is difficult to go from Maine weather to Belize 80+ and humid without time to acclimate.  A few have had motion sickness by they are amazing - smiling through it all... saying " I am OK ... I am good."  What an amazing team of nurses - they will all be wonderful nurses. Complements to the Mom's and Dad's for their hard work in producing such outstanding young man (our Josh) and women.

Yesterday we visited the village of LeGracia - travel was rough but after about 2 hours we arrived to the very remote village.  We will return today to visit all the school children and give them each dental supplies.  We will then set up the clinic.  I believe we will be primarily seeing upper respiratory issues.

We also visited the Mayan temple - which was amazing.  The food is fantastic.

Everyone is staying healthy - a few get pretty HOT but drinking lots and resting when necessary.  Allergies are bothering a few... No GI issues have been reported.  Miss Katie S.  took a deep ( by accident/ she came out smiling and hanging on to her cell phone) in the river yesterday so we will keep her well guarded... She is a great sport with all the teasing - wonderful young lady.

The internet it is painfully slow - so sorry no pictures - I will post them all upon our return.  OK - off for another full, busy and hot day.


  1. Thank you for keeping us posted. It is wonderful to know.

  2. Thank you for the update! Can I ask a huge favor? Can you please give my daughter, Valerie Parker a "Great Big Birthday Hug" for me please! This is the first Birthday we don't get to celebrate with her! It's okay though, as we know she is having an experience of a lifetime with all of you! Thank you in advance for giving her a hug for me! :)