Monday, March 5, 2012

Last Day in Belize. We are experience jungle rain - it has rain non-stop for 24 hours. We drove over some slippery muddy roads today. Visited a Maya cave - cool and scary all at the same time. It was truly HOT in the cave. I took a natural rain water shower after fully clothed then got cold because of the damp clothes. Traveled to another area of Belize, thankful for a wonderful driver named Martin - crazy crazy roads and crazy Belizean drivers. Tubing down a wonderful blue river in the rain which brought us through some caves. Walls were smoothed by the running water. Up over head were bat holes. It was chilly with all the wet and rain.

Everyone is now packing and wrapping it up. Breakfast in the morning then an hour plus drive to Belize City. We will drop off some medical supplies on our way for the elderly.

Several students are not ready to leave and several are ready to leave. This evening another have fallen ill with nausea - hoping that she also feels better in the AM. Traveling and not feeling well would not be fun. We spent a lot of time riding on a bumpy, muddy, slippery and whinny ( ? if that is the right spelling :) ) road today so hoping it is all related to travel.

Think of us as we travel tomorrow - Thanks for everyone's support.

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