Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Day 3 - We triage a village. Many babies with runny noses, cough and rashes. Elderly with coughs, muscle/joint pain. One lady is 89 (she thinks) and has knee pain. She wanted to see the doctor. I had the translator ask how she was going to get to the clinic which is probably 1/2 mile away from her home. She said " I will take my time and I will walk." Can you imagine - she didn't expect anyone to take her there - remember she wants to be seen for knee pain. She was so pleased when we made arrangements for her to have a ride.

Students are doing an amazing job - great assessment skills. They want to give everything and anything to them. Abbey is ready to take them all home with her. Amy doesn't want to leave. Cassie has decided to dedicate some time when she gets back to learning Spanish.

Everyone is doing really well. Tonight we packed medication and will set up the clinic early in the morning at the community center. We will probably see 100 people or so.

I will be the pharmacist. I will take medication, which will have been ordered by a physician and hand write the scribe to put on the bottle. Then provide instructions with a translator.
Can you imagine -

We had the opportunity to go to a Maya Temple. We will be doing cave tubing, an hour zip line ride down a mountain - after climbing UP, we will visit a cave with Maya relics and visit a natural plant pharmaceutical place.

Lots of work a head - lots to do - it is hot hot and humid !!


  1. I love seeing the nightly updates. I look forward to the pictures. Will they be at the UMaine Nursing Belize page on Facebook?